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Here you will find our products grouped by categories.

Dressing up an infant can be a challenge even for experienced parents. Learning from these everyday situations, we have designed the garments that will help you and your little one to make a diaper change or dressing up as smooth as possible. Practicality and quality come first! All dresses are made of OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified cotton, with well-thought-out seams that do not hurt the delicate skin of the little one. Thanks to the little tricks, the pieces follow the baby’s growth through up to 3-4 sizes.

                          ZipZapGo’s overall can be up on the baby within a few seconds thanks to the smart design.
The Between-legs-Zipper that runs between the ankles helps avoiding miss-matching the clip buttons. The zipper that runs across the whole body shortens the dressing up which can be handy for example during pediatrician visits. The feet has little build-in socks, so it can be used even barefeet - this is useful not only in warm weather but when the baby starts to outgrow the garment. The shortening string inside supports this too, so all these can follow the baby’s grow for 3-4 sizes.



                       A onesie is a useful garment on its own, with a pair of pants or under an overall as an extra layer. To put an old-fashioned one through a newborn’s head is quite scary - the classic kimono bodysuit can solve this issue. And thanks to the height extension, it can grow with your baby. 


                    These pants are not only made of organic cotton, but also can grow with your baby’s changing length and waistline. The feet can be covered or left bare, you can even change it on the go (and even avoid losing the socks). Even cloth diapers have enough space underneath and suitable for carriers.


               The matching bib makes any set even more fun, and from the start of teething it is a really useful garment (that might need to be changed every few hours). Can be used as a small scarf, too. Pick a set of three you like!


               Your favourite figures can be now found on other items for the nursery room.

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