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About us


Szász Brigi & Janka

designer and owner & her daughter

ZipZapGo and what's behind it

As a new mom, I thought I was the only one struggling to get my baby girl dressed up: I always mismatched the clip buttons at night, the overalls with a zipper left the baby's chest uncovered and it bothered her, or she got upset while I tried to pull a onesie over her head. Lots of little things that then always led to a crying baby and a frustrated momma.

Then, as I talked to other parents, it turned out that it wasn’t just me “in trouble” - experienced moms and dads with multiple children complained that they were also struggling with dressing up babies. However, a newborn's diaper should be changed 10-12 times a day…

That's where the inspiration came from. Since then, with the help of many, I have come up with ideas, created and tested them with the aim of making everyday life for parents and babies easier. 

The ideas for the lovely animal patterns pop out of my head during my walks with my daughter Janka, and I draw the characters with a lot of love so that they can then bring a smile to the face of the caretakers.

What's that name?

We wanted to refer to the simplicity of the dressing with a touch of playfulness:

Zip, the dress is already zipped

Zap, the baby is magically dressed

and Go, we are ready to go!

Wishing everything else was just that easy ...


About the products

In addition to practicality and comfort, being ecofriendly was also taken into consideration when our clothes were designed.


  • We spent a lot of time designing the clothes, observing the behavior of the babies, and how these could be coordinated. We have also tested each garment with real-life parents and babies, which is why we know that ZipZapGo's clothes make everyday life easier. There are outfits that can be worn in a variety of ways so parents can figure out which one is best for their little ones.

  • Thanks to the clever solutions, one piece can cover up to three or four sizes. Due to this, by purchasing a few basic clothes, you can dress your baby in good quality garments for months, which means you have to buy and throw away less clothes.

  • The quality of the clothes is paramount. We only use materials with OEKO-TEX or organic certificate,
    and the seams, velco and zippers are placed so that they do not hurt the baby’s delicate skin.

  • All the patterns on the clothes are unique, dreamed and created by me, so they cannot be found in the offer of any other company. The cute animal patterns have colors that don't get dirty that easily.

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