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by patterns

Here you can find the garments grouped by patterns.

The cute animal prints tell whimsical stories on the clothes. From the Garbage Band that turns trash into music instruments, to the moles that got tired of the life under the ground and learned how to fly, the cute furry friends and the fun colors put a smile on the care-taker's face while being also practical in the families' everyday life.

Cycling zoo

A couple of animals from the zoo had an idea and went cycling. Who is sitting on which vehicle? The giraffe is on a graceful Dutch bike, the ostrich is on a unicycle, the wolf and the bunny are on a tandem (hopefully the former can't catch the latter!), and the sloth is on the fastest recumbent bike.


Currier ants

The hard-working ants have leveled up the logistics game as they started to drive vans, so they can deliver any parcel faster. In the colorful hustle and bustle, the work also goes in a good mood.


Garbage Band

What one man's trash that's another one's come up. The trash-pickers mammals, like the raccoon, the badger, the opossum, and the rats, created perfectly functioning instruments out of the garbage, so the band could come together!

Flying moles

The moles always wanted to get above the surface level, and they aimed for the stars - right away they conquered the sky!

Skating ducks

What do ducks do when their favorite pond is frozen? Well, they're putting on their skates! Some of them can already slide well, some can even do pirouettes, but others can hardly stop  - or only a snowball can stop them. No laughing at them!

Spring kimono pattern

The warm breeze is welcomed with fun, colored flowered pattern that was inspired by the Japanese kimonos. The little long tailed tit makes it even cuter.

Solid color

Solid color pieces can be combined well with patterned pieces. Put together a set to your liking!

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