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4 sizes in one garment? Yes!

The ZipZapGo clothes are not only practical, high quality and made with cute patterns designed by us, but the garments
can follow the growth of your baby up to four sizes.

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Unique, cute patterns
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Smart, extendable design
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Environmental awareness

About the products

The arrival of a newborn is a challenge even for experienced parents. ZipZapGo clothes help with dressing up the little one. Our clothes are practical, environmentally friendly and grow with the new family member. 

Not only diaper change can be less of a drama, but thanks to the clever design, each dress can grow with your baby for 3-4 sizes. Therefore it is a budget- and environment-friendly way to manage the needs of a child.

All our garments are made with organic or OEKO-Tex certified cotton, and all the buttons, velcros and zippers are carefully placed with the babies’ sensitive skin in mind. I designed cute patterns on the dresses that display lovely animal stories with lots of detail and love. In addition to all these, the colors were chosen so that the clothes would not get dirty so quickly. 

We hope that the clothes we have designed with great care will make the everyday life of both parents and babies easier.

Easier diaper changes

thanks to the smart solutions

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