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Growing SupeRomper - Cycling Zoo

Growing SupeRomper - Cycling Zoo

Zip-Zap and the baby is ready! Our practical overal with the Foot-to-foot zipper solution makes diaper changes easier. Between the legs the garment closes with a zipper instead of the problematic clip buttons.


With the zipper that runs across the body it is easy to get the baby dressed, whether it's a minor diaper accident or a doctor's visit, since you don't have to worry about the clip buttons. All our zippers are skin-friendly, inside the teeth do not touch the delicate skin of the baby.


The bilt-in-sock can easily be converted into a closed-toed or barefoot version of the SupeRomper - this is useful in warmer weather, and even when the baby starts to outgrow the piece.


The side shorteners also adjust the length of the overal, so the garment can grow with the baby through up to 4-5 sizes.


Quality is everything: flexible GOTS certified organic cotton is used for our clothes with seams that that don't hurt your little one's delicate skin. The printing method itself, with which the lovely pattern is applied to the clothes, is environmentally friendly and water-saving.

  • Other info

    Material composition: 92% GOTS certified organic cotton, 8% elastane


    Cleaning: Machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius (we recommendewith cotton or gentle wash setting), do not use bleach, and do not rub wet with detergent.


    Minor differences from the photos may occur on the purchased product, as each is a handmade, unique piece.


    Total length: 56 cm with contraction abbreviation: 51 cm
    Width: 26 cm

12 900 FtPrice

Tip: If you want to know more about the story behind the patterns, you can find a description of them here.

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